Safer Beauty

Table Setup from Launch Social.jpgLet me start by saying, I am certainly no make-up artist, not a fashionista, and have definitely not tried every product in the beauty market.  What I do know is that I never even considered whether my skincare products and make-up products were causing harm to my body.  I used everything from department store products to grocery store products.  I figured as long as the products worked well enough, it didn’t matter what was in them.  I mean, there were no ingredient lists on half the products I used and I just assumed, naively, that meant it didn’t matter and never even considered safety an issue.

Well, that is until I starting reading about which products were considered unsafe during pregnancy.  As someone trying to get pregnant, I wanted to eliminate as many products as early as possible if they weren’t going to be safe during pregnancy.  That’s when I discovered Beautycounter.  I had heard about it from a friend for a while and just dismissed it for a while.  Until I read about the beauty industry regulation.

Basically, the US does not have the authority to oversee much of the beauty industry.  There are currently only 11 ingredients that have been banned from use.  Meanwhile, the European Union has banned over 1,400!!!  These banned ingredients are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, linked to infertility, and possible allergens.  Why in the world are we allowed to have those in our products?!?!  So I started looking into all my products.  Man, I can’t believe how many of my daily products had these exact ingredients!!  Go check your products.  Download the EWG (Environmental Working Group) App and scan your products.  It will show you which products have dangerous ingredients.  Then, throw those away!!  PLEASE!!!

Health first quote.jpg

Beautycounter has a list of of nearly 1,500 ingredients on their never list.  These are ingredients that they have vowed to NEVER use in any of their products.  And, they have full disclosure.  You can find every single ingredient used in each and every product.  That is amazing.  With all of this information, I decided to give Beautycounter a try.  I started small with just a charcoal bar, cleanser, and moisturizer.  Then I was hooked.  So hooked, I joined as a consultant so that I could share about the importance of safer products and educate my friends and family.  Their mission perfectly reflects my passion in life to live a healthy, educated, productive life.  Now, I use their skincare, body care, and make-up line nearly exclusively!!  When you get a chance, check out Beautycounter and their mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.



2 thoughts on “Safer Beauty

  1. Jessica says:

    I can certainly say I never gave it a thought, until it was brought to my attention by you! I am pretty cynical about things like this, just to be honest, but when I tried out ONE product I fell in head-over-heels love. Not only was it safe, which obviously was important, but these products WORKED. Typically “safe” or “green” or “healthy” products do not pull the same weight. Not so for these, and I’ve even got others on board because I love it so much. They work FAR better than anything I’ve tried! Favorite products: face oil, cleansing balm, charcoal mask.


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