Running in the Cold

Let me preface this post with the fact that cold to me is Texas cold.  I’m not talking pan handle, Lufkin, Odessa cold either.  I’m talking Houston cold.  So those of you up north, or really even Dallas, will probably get a good laugh.

Today is December 8th.  It’s the first really cold day of the winter.  Mind you, tomorrow will be just as cold, but by Saturday, the 10th, it’ll be back up to almost 60 degrees.  So when I say 4 runs a year, I mean it.  Today the high was 49.  Yes, that doesn’t sound that cold.  But ya’ll (do you hear the Texas accent?), the wind chill was 38 degrees!!!!  38?!?!  That’s full-blown turn on the heater, get out your heaviest jacket, find your gloves, and don’t leave the house.  Seriously.

That is unless you’re a crazy runner like I am.  Then you spend an hour going through every running clothing item you have to try to decide exactly what will keep you warm but not too warm.  What matches and looks cute, but is functional.  Most importantly, you try to dig in the archives of your memory to recall what you wore during that one last winter cold day 390 days ago.

So here’s what I decided.  I went with full length tights because I didn’t want that 4 inch section of my calves to turn purple.  Then I put on my thickest socks (my feet actually have a mild circulation issue and don’t do well in the cold – so this was necessary).  Next, I chose my warmest Nike thermal running shirt that my husband gifted to me last year.  But I didn’t feel like that was enough by itself with the wind.  So I added an ultra lightweight Nike hooded running long-sleeve shirt in grey.  But really, my chest is going to be cold.  I have this super cute Nike black thin vest that I’ve been dying to wear so I throw that on top.  This is also all paired with gloves and ear warmers.FullSizeRender.jpg

Let me talk about those North Face gloves for a second.  My mother-in-law gave those to me for Christmas last year (can you tell I love workout gear?) and they are my absolute favorite!  I run with an IWatch and they have the finger grips to be able to work my IWatch.  And they are incredibly warm, but don’t make my hands sweat.


These are the VSX pants.  I am in love with them!!  This specific pair actually glows in the dark.  I’m usually home before dark because I get paranoid running at night, even though I live in quite a safe area.  My favorite thing about these pants, however, is they actually stay up!  I can’t stand when I have to mess with pulling up my pants during a run.

Now let me review how the run went.  I set out for just a short 3 mile run because I have my 9 mile run in two days.  So I step outside and think to myself, “wow, this is great.  It’s not that cold.”  I must say, that first mile was pretty fast.  I had to keep reminding myself to slow down so I’m not sore.  After the first mile I decided that my pace was looking pretty good, I felt pretty good, and was surprisingly still feeling great temperature-wise.  Then I started the 3rd mile.  I must say, I think I over-dressed.  I think next year I’ll skip on the gray long-sleeve shirt.  The rest would have been perfect.  What do you wear to run in the cold?IMG_4596.JPG



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