Importance of Water

Water is such an important, yet overlooked, part of your daily health.  Our bodies are made of nearly 80% water.  That’s a lot!  We’ve heard it since we were little to drink 8 glasses of water a day but never told WHY.  Hopefully this post will help clear up just a few reasons why.

IMG_4633.JPGFirst, water can help fight midday exhaustion.  If you find yourself needing a nap every afternoon, it could be be a result of dehydration.  Only a 2% loss in body water can cause several side effects including a decreased ability to concentrate, negatively affect your mood, and an increase in headaches.  Some studies have shown that headache intensity and duration has decreased for some with an increase in water intake.  I am a migraine sufferer and have found, for me, that an increase in water helps with the duration.

Water is also necessary for our digestion system.  To digest soluble fiber, we need to make sure we have ample water.  As a result, this can help with constipation.  In addition, it helps your kidneys to be able to flush out toxins from your system.

As someone who runs outdoors in Texas in the summer, water is vital because it helps to regulate our body temperature.  In the summer, I sweat profusely and usually find that I need to drink substantially more.  Typically, you’re body can only absorb about 12-16 oz of water per hour.  Therefore, it is not necessary to drink more than that amount.  It is recommended to drink water approximately every 30 minutes when exercising.  Be careful to not be fooled in the winter; dehydration can happen in any temperature!

Finally, water can aid in weight loss.  I always suggest drinking a glass of water before each meal.  A lot of times we mistake thirst for hunger.  This can help to avoid over-eating at a meal.  It’s also important to drink water in the evening before bed to avoid that midnight hunger pain!

Furthermore, water helps increase the body’s ability to burn fat.  This occurs because water actually increases your metabolism.  In any weight-loss or maintenance program, there should be a strong emphasis on water intake!


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