Make-Up Favorite


I have to talk about my new make-up favorite that I just got in the mail last week.  It is by far my absolute favorite and I need to tell you about it!  I was super impressed with Beautycounter’s limited edition Holiday Palette they released (and are now sold out).  I was super bummed when they ended, but luckily I had one of each.

So, let me introduce you to the Desert Palette!  This palette has gorgeous colors to help you achieve a variety of looks.  I’ve been playing around with a casual day look all the way to a smokey-eye evening look.  It has not disappointed.

485a0960This palette comes with 6 eyeshadows and 3 different blush shades.  The flamingo (on the right) was a little intimidating until I actually tried.  If used lightly, it adds just the right amount of color.  I actually wear that one the mo485A0984.jpgst right now!

My favorite combination is to use the Champagne on the upper lid, Khaki on the outer V and crease, and Pearl to highlight the inner and outer corns of my eyes.

The two new lip gloss colors are perfectly paired.  The Beeblossom is a little lighter and my current go-to out of the two.  I love the CoralBell over my Coral lip sheer.

My favorite part about this make-up is I don’t have to worry about putting toxic ingredients on my skin.  Did you know that there is a number of toxic ingredients in your skincare and cosmetics?  Fragrance is a common “ingredient” listed on many of these products.  However, fragrance is a loophole in our nearly non-existent laws that allows companies to include many (approximately 200 or so) ingredients without having to disclose them individually.  This means parabens, phlalates, and many other ingredients can be wrapped up in the word “fragrance”.  Luckily, Beautycounter fully discloses every ingredient used in every product.  Fragrance is NOT one of those ingredients, EVER.  So, not only is this make-up gorgeous and high-performing, but it’s safer too!




This was my “going out” look.  I am wearing the Champagne all over, Bark on the eyelid, and a touch Pinot on the outer corner and crease.  I used the Pearl in the inside corner, outside corner, and very lightly under the lash line on the bottom lid.  The lips are the Coral Lip Sheer with CoralBell Lip Gloss on top.  Loved this look!


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