Surviving Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is finally here!  You probably have a party you’re attending, or maybe you’re throwing one yourself.  Here are my top 5 tips to survive the evening without blowing all your hard workout from the week in just a couple of hours:

  1. Eat before you go.  Super Bowl kick-off is around 5:30, so it’s right around that time you are going to be getting pretty hungry and more apt to snack on anything and everything available.  If you eat before you go, you will have complete control over what you eat and can make sure that you are getting a healthy amount of protein, veggies, and healthy fats.  This will also, hopefully, keep you from snacking too much at your party.
  2. Drink water in between every alcoholic drink.  If you plan to consume alcohol, drink water in between each drink.  This will do two things: slow you down so that you drink fewer alcoholic ones, and hydrate you.  The last thing you want is to wake up Monday morning feeling awful and potentially losing ANOTHER day of being healthy and active.
  3. Bring a healthy appetizer.  You can’t control what is provided and what other people bring, but you can control your contribution.  Bring something healthy that you love and will be more inclined to eat yourself.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find that other people appreciate the healthy foods just as much as you do!
  4. Workout before you go.  Sunday is a rest day for a lot of people.  But if you know you’ll be having an indulgent bite or two, make sure to get in some kind of activity.  It can be anything from walking your dogs, going for a run, or a full-out lifting session at the gym.  Do something.
  5. Don’t linger by the food.  It’s so common to stand around the kitchen or around a table with food, but that’s just setting you up to fail.  Walk away from the food so it’s not so tempting.  Also, every 20-30 minutes get up and walk around.  Don’t just sit on the couch the entire night, be active.

With those tips in mind, make sure you have fun and don’t worry about having a bite of dessert or small slice of pizza.  Just keep it in moderation.  Have a great night of fun!  Let me know if the comments who you predict to win!!


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