July Fourth Workout

I created this fun July Fourth workout to get you in ready for all the celebrating and fun festivities!!  These are some fun takes on classic workout moves.  The equipment you’ll need for this workout are a set of dumbbells, a mat, and plenty of water!

July Fourth Workout.jpg

Exercise Descriptions:

  1. Star Side Planks – Lay on your right side and raise your left arm and left leg into the air.  Raise your hip up and back to the ground.  Repeat 17 times before switching sides.
  2. Firework Lunges – Perform a lunge then jump in the air as high as you can, switch legs, and lower into another lunge.  Perform 17 on each leg.
  3. Stars & Squats – Jump as high as you can into the air like a star (legs and arms spread out like an X).  When you land, perform one full squat.  Repeat 17 times.
  4. Star Spangled Bicycles – Laying on your back, perform a bicycle crunch.  Alternate left elbow to left knee.
  5. Red, White, & Bicep Curl – Perform a lunge and do a bicep curl on your way up.
  6. Freedom Extensions – Perform an overhead tricep extension with a dumbbell.
  7. Ab Bursts – Lay on your back, and do 17 straddle-ups.

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did and have a wonderful July 4th with guilt-free eating!!


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